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5 things you did not already know about physical therapy.

by | Feb 20, 2014 | Functional Medicine, Physical Therapy, Sports Medicine

Number one. Physical therapists work in a variety of settings. From hospitals and outpatient clinics to private practices and home health care agencies, physical therapist are needed in an array of settings. Even nursing homes, emergency row’s, schools, and rehabilitation facilities employ physical therapist.

Number two. There are different types of physical therapists. Physical therapy is a broad field. Orthopedic, acute care, post – operative care, cardiovascular, sports medicine, pulmonary rehab, wound care, and neurologic rehabilitation are just some of the many areas physical therapist practice it.

Number three. Physical therapists hold advanced degrees. For some strange reason, it is the public’s opinion that physical therapists are a time he doesn’t. This is not true. It is very hard to become a physical therapist. Graduate school is a scope of the practice, which has advanced over the past few decades. Many physical therapy graduate programs offer an entry-level three-year doctorate of Physical therapy degree. Additionally, physical therapist must pass a medical board exam in order to obtain their license.

Number four. Most states allow treatment and continued evaluation by a physical therapist without the requirement to see a doctor first. The states are called Direct Access states. However, other states to require a prescription from a doctor to be treated by a physical therapist.

Number five. It is important that you follow your home – exercise program. Physical therapy requires exercise at home. There is a reason why physical therapist is prescribing a certain program. It is vital to your recovery that you follow these instructions carefully.

If you are in need of physical therapy services please contact us. We can help you identify problematic areas coordinate your care with your doctor or our doctor.