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3 Tips for a Healthier Thanksgiving.

by | Nov 25, 2014 | Healthy Food, Healthy Living, Weight Loss and Maintenance

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The term ThanksLiving is trending online right now. Yes, we should be Thankful to Live in such an amazing country and for our health. This said, the holiday this up and coming Thursday isn’t always associated with the term ‘healthly’- so we have decided to offer 3 last-minute health tips!

1.       Skip the tofu turkey because it is just as unhealthy as regular turkey. And yes- regular turkey can become unhealthy once you baste it with tons of butter, stuff it with bread, or- worst- deep fry it.  Most tofu turkeys are extremely processed to mimic the flavor of a traditional Thanksgiving turkey. Either keep your turkey simple and roasted in healthy oils or opt. for a wild rice filled squash as the main dish.

2.       Be as basic as possible and truly reflect how Thanksgiving was all those years ago. I’m not completely sure if Pilgrims had Cream of Mushroom soup and fried onions to top off their green beans- but I’m pretty sure the answer is ‘no’.  Avoid all the “extras” when it comes to side dishes. Stick with roasted root vegetables or steamed green beans. You don’t need to add heavy creams, cheeses, or processed toppings to have an amazing side dish. Plus, keeping things simple will save you on time and money.

3.       Set-up a group walk after the meal.  Catching the football isn’t real exercise. Neither is watching football.  As soon as everyone is done eating, forget the dishes and grab your sneakers. Encourage everyone to go out for a group walk and enjoy the neighbor’s holiday lights or just peer into their windows! Whatever it takes, get your family and friends moving.

Here’s to Thankful Living!