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2013’s Most Common Reasons to Lose Weight

by | Dec 14, 2013 | Fitness Info, Healthy Living, Nutrition Info, Stress Relief, Weight Loss and Maintenance

Odom Health & Wellness is unable to provide nutrition and weight loss services for individuals living outside of Minnesota

Odom Health & Wellness is going to be very busy during the start of 2014. It happens every year. We see an influx of business during January and February, and then the dedicated and serious clients stay with us , while New Year’s revelers drop out and discontinue services.  I never will understand why people will start something they decide not to finish, especially when there is a financial commitment required.

We here at Odom Health & Wellness would like to encourage you to take your New Year’s resolutions serious this year. Improved health is an amazing way to benefit your health, but it shouldn’t happen during the first two months of the year, with the rest of the months (and your body) neglected. We can customize packages for you within a specific budget or to accommodate certain schedules.

Alright, let’s get to it ; here are the top reasons people wanted to lose weight in 2013.

#1.  To emotionally feel better

#2.  Improve one’s sex life

#3. Improve one’s cholesterol

#4.  Lower blood pressure

#5.  Look better

We’re amazed ‘looking better’ is not in the top three this year, which is a good thing. People are putting their emotional and physical health before the cosmetic aspect of weight loss.

We look forward to working with you this year when it comes to improving your health and losing weight.